Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

The return week continues with a bunch of premieres. What I will be watching…

Scrubs – 9/8c on ABC  This comedy returns to ABC and is better than ever. The first half-hour introduces Dr. Maddox played by Courtney Cox and is so funny. The 2nd half-hour goes to more of the drama with some moving performances.

90210 – 8/7c on The CW In the return episode of this teen drama that is so ridiculous but I can’t stop watching, Annie has bad feelings about her supposed brother Sean and Brenda spills the beans of somethings to Kelly. Yea, more Brenda!

Privileged – 9/8c on The CW In the return of maybe the best new series this season, more mommy trouble is in store for Megan and I couldn’t be more happy for the drama! Also, Sage gets to know Luis even better and Rose has some ideas!

Homeland Security USA – 8/7c on ABC Check out this new documentary series which is so interesting and provocative. It shows you the inner workings of the Department of Homeland Security and you won’t believe what you see!

The Mentalist – 9/8c on CBS  The seasons number one new drama in terms of ratings returns with Jane leaving the CBI to try to find answers to the Red John Killer who killed his wife and kid.

Leverage – 10/9c on TNT
The drama continues with the team scam couples looking to adopt, how fun!

What else is on….

Law and Order: SVU – 10/9c on NBC I used to watch this far superior L&O live every week but now it got repetitive so I catch the reruns. Tonight, a girl returns after being abducted and the team help her regain her memories.

Nip/Tuck – 10/9c The FX drama returns tonight in a continuation of its 5th season. The show will end with its 6th. Tonight, Sean ends a relasonship and tries to change his life around after his shooting.


Comments on: "What I Will Be Watching – January 6th, 2009" (1)

  1. Courtney Cox will give Scrubs a big boost i suspect

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