Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Last night was the return of Sunday night TV, and for me that means ABC! Last night there was a new Brothers & Sisters as well as a brand new Desperate Housewives. My thoughts on the night were mixed, but if you haven’t watched them I will be saying some plot points of the episode.

Desperate Housewives: This episode had many different plots as usual. The funniest one actually was Susan’s. Since Gale Harold is still recovering from his accident, Jackson is not in the picture right now so Susan was lonely. Lee took Susan out to the club and they ended up going home with each other, since of course Lee is gay Susan didn’t think anything of it but in the AM she could not remember and the whole episode revolves around did she or did she not sleep with him.

Dave’s story-line was not the top this week, but he was a part of the episode. We McClusky see Mrs. and her sister still poking around, but nothing comes up and Edie hears something she doesn’t want to hear. This mystery is interesting but I feel like it is a little pushed and it doesn’t really feel that we should care about his dead wife as we have only really met her once. As for Lynette, the only interesting thing I thought was the revelation that her accused son is hiding with the always fun grandma played by the great Polly Bergen. Finally Bree was all the hostess this week and she was hosting Alex’s mother. It is always great to see Bree offended and upset and this week was no exception. I love when they feature Andrew and his boyfriend and it is great for network TV to show gay youth in a positive way. Overall, a very descent episode of Desperate Housewives and looking forward to the week’s ahead.

Brothers & Sisters: Last night on Brothers & Sisters the story was on each siblings personal issues and less of the family as a whole. With the recent news of Balthazar Getty semi-exit on the show you can see that they are already prepping for his withdrawal from the show full-time. He starts the episode fighting with Kevin about the recent news that he is the father of Elizabeth but ends it with making peace and going back to his life. The episode mostly surrounds Kevin and his recovery from the surgery. Kevin feels that Nora is being way to helpful and has to escape with Justin. Kevin is one of my favorite characters and I love his undefinably humor that is so fun to watch.

In the beginning of the episode, we see Cooper’s class introducing Justin as Coop’s favorite person, but the reasons why he is his favorite and it is rather funny. It is that he gets to spend his day catered by mom and playing video games. This prompts Justin to realize with his siblings that he needs to move out of Nora’s in order to get his life in order. I was hoping for this because it will give us more reason to see Rebecca and that is always a good thing. Kitty and Robert were also having troubles this week with Kitty’s job title in question. The best part was their brain sex, good stuff. Overall, it had it’s high points, Sally Field’s awesomely emotionally scene with Ron Rifkin, and just the okay points. When can we finally see Ryan, hopefully soon?

(Note: Please bare with me because I am kinda new at this and I will get better at it!)


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