Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Hot TV Tip

Many millions of people watched a great television show named The West Wing back when it was on the air. I didn’t but know I am. I remember in the later seasons watching the show and thinking this was great but maybe I was just to young to appreciated it fully. Now I do! Bravo has been rebroadcasting the entire series from the start for the past month and I have been watching ever episode. The West Wing is a show about the interworking of the White House and the people that run it. It’s a very real drama, that many people formally in the White House wrote episodes for and the acting is tremendous. Led by the great Martin Sheen, this is a drama but it feels almost like it is reality! t is shocking to see the resemblance of the show to the Obama campaign, Obama ideas, and what will be a great Obama future.

They air at 8/7c and 9/8c in the AM from Monday to Friday and are great fun. They are about to start the fourth season on Tuesday at 9/8c, so it is not to late to enjoy this epic story.


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