Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Tonight marks the start of the new TV season because January is the new September. I am going to watch…

Million Dollar Password – 8/7c on CBS This show is great fun and funny too. I love most of the celebs they have one and is really entertaining. Tonight, Craig Ferguson and Serena Williams.

Desperate Housewives – 9/8c on ABC This addictive soap returns tonight with it’s 98th episode and Bree meets Alex’s mother and Susan turns to her gay neighbor Lee for a little company while Jackson is away.

Brothers & Sisters – 10/9c on ABC My favorite show on Sunday returns with more conflict. In this hour, Kevin and Tommy fights escalate this time being about Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Justin leaves home and Nora got a new love.

Also on…..

Superstars of Dance – 9/8c on NBC This new dance competition starts tonight with a two-hour premiere. This one is about dance troupes from different countries compete to see which is the best. Michael Flatley and Susie Castillo host.

Saturday Night Live Sports Extra – 7/6c on NBC A compilation of sports sketches from the many years of SNL shows. Always great to look back!


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