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The City Premiere – Recap

The Hills spinoff following Whitney Port called the City premiered last night with two back-to-back episodes. I have been a fan of Whitney since she was first introduced at Teen Vogue and I was excited to see her be the focus of the new show. The City mostly surrounds here work at DVF in NYC and her friends and co-workers she meets. The cast is great and are full of the scandals that make these shows such guilty pleasures. I love Erin, Whitney’s only friend she new before she moved and Erin’s wit and attitude make her so fun to watch. Whitney’s co-worker at DVF is Olivia who is a New York socialite, and lives life rich. She is the bitch this season and there is nothing wrong with this. Whitney’s boyfriend is Jay, an Australian musician who may or may not be cheating on Whit. Jay is a shady person and would love for Whit to find somebody better. The best part of the hour was seeing Whitney’s old boss Kelly and her great advice. Kelly should be in ever episode. Overall, The City=this winter’s guilty pleasure.


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