Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

Previously on December 30th

Last Night on the tube….

Eli Stone: What an episode! This episode called “Two Ministers,” focused on three things. The first and more promient was the marriage of Nate and Beth in Vegas, and what the implications are of Eli’s visions about the break-up of the marriage. The second was a case involving Keith’s minister, who was previously a female but is now a male. The church fired him for his surgery and all he wants is to state his case. The last thing was the revalation that Taylor & Matt’s baby might have a syndrome and how they were both coping.

I have always liked Beth ever since her appearance in the pilot (she was originally a serious regular), but I also knew that Beth was destined for Eli and not Nate. It was sad to see Eli tell Beth that he didn’t love her to save Nate, even though the audience knows he really does. One thing about this episode that stood out was the lack of Maggie in this hour, and it a couple previous ones also. Maggie has always been my favorite and I hope she is in the last four episodes, and that also goes for Spy Daddy as well.

Leverage: This episode of Leverage took place almost entirely in one location…a bank. I am not a huge fan of any hostage situation, but this one was actually likeable and had some twists and turns. One thing about Leverage that is so great is the witty banter between the memmers of the team, it gives humor to otherwise sad time. The best part of the hour was of course the pay off at the end. The way the writers did it was just awesome and it is always good to see the good guys prevail.


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