Watching Way Too Much TV For You!

With new TV coming back next week, here are so reviews of what to watch and what do not and luckily from all that I saw watch!

Homeland Security USA is a new documentary series about life of protecting our borders and our country. The pilot was super interesting and I really was shocked at what goes on at the Mexico-US border. In the pilot they show from many different prospectives which makes it much more fun. They show all of our borders along with the postal service, the customs at LAX, and some other places. Overall, check this one out! Homeland Security USA airs starting January 6th at 8/7c.
Scrubs is back for an 8th season, but this time it is on ABC and if the first two episodes are any indication the move made the show better than ever. I admittedly on watched this show off and on for the past seasons, but I wanted to check out what the show was like after the move. The first half hour is more on the comedy side and deals with the new interns and the new Chief-of-Medicine Dr. Maddox played great by Courtney Cox. The interns are hilarious, with a great scene involving Lost. Scrubs airs starting Tuesday January 5th at 9/8c.
Lost is back!! I have been waiting since May and with the first two hours of this new season, I am fully pleased with waiting those long months. The two hours get better and better as it goes on and the end of hour two is just classic Lost and fans will not be disappointed. The episodes are full of Daniel Faraday and I was pleased to see he had such a large role this season. Now I am just upset because I have to wait a month for hour three. Lost premieres on a new night and time, Wednesday January 21st starting at 8/7c with a clip show, and the premiere at the normal time 9/8c.

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